Shadows and Glimpses


January 2016


I stand alone at the bridge, our lives intertwined behind me.  I see your eyes in the moss, feel your breath in every breeze.

How does the Watch Stone persevere, its longtime companion torn away?  Such ancient grief must surpass mortal understanding.



Beckoned to the balustrade by the harp, I sneak a glance at the ballroom from the balcony.  Sage, gold and cream hues unify the vast room – linens, flowers, cake.  Two lifetimes apart, another together, now everyone gathered to celebrate us.  It’s time.

A New Year

“He’s gone.”  Time melted the grief, tears dripping, binding together into an ice-cold staff, preserving moments too painful for now.

I survived the year of firsts alone.  I’m ready.  I can reabsorb our memories, mix them with my own, and become whole.

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